When he doesn’t reply…

We have all been there, in that place when messaging that “could be special one” and the reply seems to get caught up in the cyber cloud and never actually appears on your phone. Your mind immediately goes from zero to eighty in no time and then the fear pops up with a side of anxiety.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Is he over me already?”

“Maybe I’m not interesting enough?”

“Oh he’s just busy. He’ll reply tomorrow.”

Then tomorrow comes and goes and there is still no reply.

“Oh, he is just taking a social media break.”

“He’s just busy with a big work project.”

The checking of your phone multiplies from twice a day to once an hour. You make sure to check every social media profile..just in case. But honey, it isn’t coming. The story lines that you have been filling your imagination with are not the case.  He isn’t too busy to reply and he isn’t on a huge work project. Actually, he just decided not to reply for reasons that you will never know because #1 you are not a man, and #2 you are not a man.

I know its frustrating. I know it may even be painful.

Trust me, I understand and I’ve been in that exact place. Really I have, and more recently then I’d like to admit.

But it is time to uncover the real issue that it troubling your heart. It isn’t that this one guy didn’t respond (even if you do feel like this is the end of your world), the real issue at hand is that your heart hurts and needs attention. But not the attention of any man, the attention of your Father.

It is prime time that you, precious one, understand that the lack of reply from him, in NO way means that you are not worthy or not valued. 

His lack of reply merely means that he didn’t want to reply. This decision on his part is his business. Our business is to respond in our hearts accordingly. We must understand why this simple and small thing is causing so much pain. The probability of it being because he didn’t reply is maybe 2%. However, the hurt stemming from a lifetime of rejection, a false identity or even just lies you have unknowingly believed for far too long, now that sounds more likely.

Our hurt, our frustration, all of those things are the side effects. The reality is, if this guy didn’t reply to your message, he probably isn’t worth your time (not to knock you guys reading this) because I know that you’d probably want a guy that was interested in you and if he is interested  then he will initiate, he will reply, and he will pursue conversation with you. Because you pursue the things you like.

For me, in my most recent encounter of said feelings, I didn’t like where my head was taking me so I stopped and I asked the Father to speak and reveal where my heart was at. My hurt wasn’t from this guy and his lack of reply. My hurt was rooted from never having my voice heard or valued growing up and that issue was just highlighted by this situation.

I had just made some silly grammar error but my insecurity in what I had to say led me to immediately doubt myself and my words, “if you had only proof read the message Whitney” or “if you would have said something else then …”, but the reality is I am silly and I misspell and misspeak and that’s just me.

Who knows, he may just write me in a year or two or maybe not at all. But it is our place as women to respond and I want to be a woman that responds correctly, that seeks inwardly before coming to my decisions.

In 1 Kings chapter 3, we read about Solomon and his prayer for wisdom. In this chapter we see Solomon take a back seat to his own fleshly desires and ask the Lord for the Lord’s wisdom and understanding in governing the people. God’s response to this greatly encouraged me.

It pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this. -verse 10

God’s response was the best that could have ever been. Not only did God bask in pleasure of Solomon asking for such things, but God also gave Solomon what he asked for and more. God is the God of abundance. God gave Solomon not only the wisdom and the understanding on how to apply the wisdom, but also the desires that Solomon didn’t ask for. Riches, honor and long life, what more could a king ask for.

God is pleased when we go to Him for counsel. For life, for relationships, for transition, He is so in love with us that it only pleases Him more the more we turn to Him rather ourselves or the world.


My friend, I pray that the Father brings understanding to your heart about your feelings. That the next time a lack of reply results in no head spin but a feeling of relief that you are in a better place now then you were before. The Lord is good to guide us and eager to help us in our daily life. He isn’t a God that only wants to answer the big things, but He also just wants to walk the journey of life with you.

Often the desire to know is in direct opposition to the desire to trust. – Pastor Chris Hodges

May we be women that trust.




And then I was back.


Yes, it is true, I am back and here to stay. 2017 has been a kicker. This year has pretty much kicked my butt down a never ending hill in a crap fest. Not to be a Negative Nancy, because that is not my thing, but being honest, THIS. YEAR. HAS. BEEN. HARD.

I started full time school in August, yes I am 25, work full time and decided to start school in the same year I bought a house and a car. Fun times in my hood! If it wasn’t for the financial stress that I have put myself in, the personal stress would have been enough. Anyone else out there think that toxic work environments should be illegal? I do! For the last two years I have been in an never ending cycle of confusion, manipulation and hurt feelings. You’d think that being a child of abuse I would have seen the signs and gotten out a long time ago, but the truth is when you love someone and are standing in faith for the Lord to move, you sometimes get hit a couple times in the process. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong supporter of “tough love” but sometimes the Lord calls us just to stand in faith until He gives you another guiding word. *I’ll probably record a video of what has gone on in this situation, its way too much to type*.

In other news, on 11/30/2017, I will have been a proud homeowner for 1 complete year. Yay! I can’t wait to share the story behind my 313 HOME. So make sure to check back after 11/30 to read all the good deets I share!

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Never, under any circumstances, take a laxative and a sleeping pill on the same night.  I apologize for the visual.

July 4th Recap

Holla at ya!

Just wanted to share some good bits from the beginning of July, man oh man, can you believe that July is almost over already?? (Dear Lord, please let me enjoy the last couple weeks before classes start again, thank you- Whit)

FYI, July 4th is a big deal for my family. We usually cookout and eat all day followed by popping our own fireworks, sometimes the holiday is around water, my fav!!, but it ALWAYS includes family and fun. This year I was determined to have fun being that last year I had just broken my toe and had to miss out on all of the festivities, 2016 was a bust :(. No broken toe and no work for this little lady, however family was scattered so me and some friendsies took it to the lake for some sun in the sun.

My roommate, Petra joined me and our friend from Romania, Nadine.


We were working hard on our tan game, us white girls have to keep up.


We spent hours just floating in the water, enjoying each other’s conversation and resting. Me and Petra work in a stressful environment, Nadine is interning with us so she is around the stress too, so this lake outing was just what the doctor ordered.

It is ALWAYS an adventure when a group of us get together. The shenanigans never stop in the years of our friendship and neither do the crazy things we see haha. From there we took my new silver Jeep Babe to a little diner in the area before leaving back to DFW.



There I was welcomed with my name in BIG letters 🙂 Wish I took a picture of the catfish dinner that I had, but you know after swimming for hours that catfish didn’t stand a chance no the plate let alone long enough for a picture.

After the hour or so back home we were welcomed by my brother who had equipped the whole house with enough fireworks to light up the sky. We got busy so only a couple pictures made it out alive and ready to be posted ha.IMG_2922


Running around with the firecrackers, watching the lights shoot into the sky and enjoying the company of my brother and friends was definitely the highlight. I was glad that we were able to come together and celebrate the freedom that we have with the people we love.

*Additional family members not pictured were out of town for the event 😦


22 days later and this post finally found it’s way to the blog. Life has been crazy but I could not withhold from ya’ll the joy that I have celebrating the 4th with loved ones. I am thankful that we live in a country were we value freedom and life.

Chat ya later. xxoo



For Grins and Giggles

We all played this game back in school, usually in an attempt to flirt with some crush on the bus or cafeteria. Me, being the relational being that I am, absolutely adore this little game because you are constantly in a state of learning something new about the person you are interacting with. So here we go, 20 Questions with Whit 


  1. Where do you call home? – Cedar Hill, TX (super close to Dallas)
  2. What do you like most about it?– It has a small town feel but is close enough to the city to enjoy the city life.
  3. Were you named after anyone? If so, who? – Hilary Whitney, the character in Beaches who was an heiress and a lawyer. I have not clue why, but that is what my momma tells me.
  4. What is your favorite color?– Maroon
  5. What is your favorite type of food?– Chicken Fried Rice (my momma’s recipe) or Anything Mexican
  6. What do you do on your day off?– I always plan to get some cleaning done at my new house but usually find myself spending the majority of my time with my friends.
  7. Where is your dream place to live?– As a single lady, I would love a little cottage by the beach in some secluded small town. Yeah, I would most likely be single the rest of my life but it would be a relaxing atmosphere none the less.
  8. What is your favorite TV show? – As of today “Friends”, but my all time favorites have to be “Lie to Me” and “Rizzoli and Isles”.
  9. What skill would you love to attain? – I would love to understand and be a pro at graphic design or photography.
  10. What is your favorite beverage? – Half and Half Iced Tea
  11. What is your #1 most hated chore?-Weeding…uhhh I absolutely loath this chore.
  12. What would you name the autobiography of your life? – “How To Pee Your Pants Through Life”
  13. What did you get in trouble for when you were a kid? -Talking. I was always talking or making kids laugh in school.
  14. What was your favorite childhood past time? – Pretending I was a singer and choreographing dances to Britney Spears, N’Sync or Destiny’s Child.
  15. When was the last time you were nervous? – Honestly, probably the last time I wanted to impress a boy. Haha
  16. What is your favorite movie theater snack?- Buttered Popcorn and a recent addition is a Cherry Icy.
  17. What can you not go a day without?– My phone, which sounds lame but honestly that is most likely the case. Hmm that and worship music.
  18. What is your biggest pet peeve? – Chewing with your mouth open!! I can’t handle it.
  19. Are you a shoe, purse or clothes person? – I love shoes and clothes (and I have a ton of both), purses are fun but I usually stick to the basics for those.
  20. What is the most valued trait in your friendships? – Loyalty


That is all folks! Comment with your answers to these questions so we can get to know each other!!



The Heartbeat

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Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

For the last six months I  have been agonizing about my first blog post on this new blog. I felt so much pressure to make the first post this heart pricking, perspective changing, creative inducing post that would not only captivate you readers but also challenge you for more. (As I now put words to the emotions and desires that surrounded this process I look back and realize that I was desiring to depict myself and my heart for relationship into words). I have come to the conclusion that all of those outcomes will come. The heart pricking, the perspective changing and connection will come with time. I have no clue what this blog will be filled with, whether my travels, my home decor (because I just bought my first home at 25 years old), my friend’s favorite fashion secrets or the burdens of my heart threaded with some dry humor, but I would really like to see this little bit of internet be a vehicle, a facilitator of shorts, to gather people and build relationships that challenge us to pursue the dreams in our hearts, whatever those might be.

I have many plans in store for you guys and I can’t wait for you to meet some of my dear friends as they will be sharing their hearts. I know that this blog will come and go in strides, like any relationship, seasons are to be had for growth, and this blog will grow to be what the Lord plans for it to be.


May we become a people that look like Jesus more than ourselves.