July 4th Recap

Holla at ya!

Just wanted to share some good bits from the beginning of July, man oh man, can you believe that July is almost over already?? (Dear Lord, please let me enjoy the last couple weeks before classes start again, thank you- Whit) 

FYI, July 4th is a big deal for my family. We usually cookout and eat all day followed by popping our own fireworks, sometimes the holiday is around water, my fav!!, but it ALWAYS includes family and fun. This year I was determined to have fun being that last year I had just broken my toe and had to miss out on all of the festivities, 2016 was a bust :(. No broken toe and no work for this little lady, however family was scattered so me and some friendsies took it to the lake for some sun in the sun.

My roommate, Petra joined me and our friend from Romania, Nadine.


We were working hard on our tan game, us white girls have to keep up.


We spent hours just floating in the water, enjoying each other’s conversation and resting. Me and Petra work in a stressful environment, Nadine is interning with us so she is around the stress too, so this lake outing was just what the doctor ordered.

It is ALWAYS an adventure when a group of us get together. The shenanigans never stop in the years of our friendship and neither do the crazy things we see haha. From there we took my new silver Jeep Babe to a little diner in the area before leaving back to DFW.



There I was welcomed with my name in BIG letters 🙂 Wish I took a picture of the catfish dinner that I had, but you know after swimming for hours that catfish didn’t stand a chance no the plate let alone long enough for a picture.

After the hour or so back home we were welcomed by my brother who had equipped the whole house with enough fireworks to light up the sky. We got busy so only a couple pictures made it out alive and ready to be posted ha.IMG_2922


Running around with the firecrackers, watching the lights shoot into the sky and enjoying the company of my brother and friends was definitely the highlight. I was glad that we were able to come together and celebrate the freedom that we have with the people we love.

*Additional family members not pictured were out of town for the event 😦


22 days later and this post finally found it’s way to the blog. Life has been crazy but I could not withhold from ya’ll the joy that I have celebrating the 4th with loved ones. I am thankful that we live in a country were we value freedom and life.

Chat ya later. xxoo



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