NOLA, Annual Trip Review

Every year the tradition is for us grandkids to hit the road to visit our grandparents for a few days. The month always changes but whenever the schedule allows my kid brother and I pack up the car and make the drive to New Orleans.

This year the schedule allowed for a post Christmas road trip and as tradition goes, we packed up the car, got a ton of caffeine in us and hit the pavement with pe

Firstly we passed this super high and scary bridge, no clue where it was because we all know we’ve become GPS dependent but my little brother caught this awesome shot so I just have to share it.


Once we finally got to the house the grandparents showed us their “new bikes”. New being used super freely being that the bikes were fished out of the dumpster. (retirement life I guess haha).


Needed some last minute stuff so we headed to CVS, yes we brought the bikes inside the store for safe keeping and let me tell ya… those CVS workers thought we were mad riding bikes, much less storing them by their makeup aisle! We also ran into a little crawdad and had to take touristy pictures even though we know the town like its our own.


Introduced the grandparents to the virtual life. It was an absolute hoot watching both of them using the Virtual Reality thing my brother got for Christmas. They were twirling around and yelling “hoo hoo”, all too good to not document. Then nothing says to grandparents house we go than the nightly tradition of penny poker.


Stopped by the French Quarter for an afternoon of shopping, eating and museum looking. The architecture is just so pretty in the French Quarter. We had an early lunch as a super well known place called Muriels. My steak salad was pretty much the and I think it was only about $10. Muriels has a super pretty inside patio and because our visit was right after Christmas there were Christmas trees and lights set up all around the place.

My grandpa was enjoying the street music and dancing with strangers while me, the kid brother and grandma looked through the Katrina Museum.


We weren’t able to take many pictures, mainly because the set up in the museum was for the visitors to really feel apart of the museum, everything was interactional and viewer focused. They did have a really cool set up for the bathrooms though. Being that everything was destroyed they were showing a representation of all the ports potties that were needed after the destruction, and being creative like they are, the doors actually led to the real gents bathroom.

Also the Presbytere Museum was housing the exhibit and I fell in love with the large empty ballroom and all the beautiful natural light that the afternoon brought in. I definitely think that it would make for a perfect wedding venue for someone that loved the French Quarter or was from New Orleans.


Then we of course had to stop off at our favorite seafood joint. BY FAR THE BEST EVER PO’BOY!! Its a fishery first and then as you proceed into the restaraunt you walk into the counter to place your order and find a table. Also they have all the necessities for your cajun cooking, the paddles, the fish, the seasoning and even cute kitchen decor.

If you ever find yourself in New Orleans or around the Mandeville area you would make your day by stopping by and getting a catfish and shrimp po’boy. And if you happen to be there around crawfish season then you will be in for a sweet surprise!!

I am a sucker for plastic cups so I definitley gathered all of ours and brought them home.


We made our way back home after four days of adventuring with our grandparents. The nine hour drive back home allowed us to stop by one of my mom’s favorite places for dinner and a quick wifi connect. Not to sound like a typical millennial but with T-mobile we don’t have service basically the whole way to their house and back, so in order to communicate with our parents and download movies, haha, we needed some wifi.

Okay so definitely typical millennial kids.

All of that to say, if you every find yourself in the midst of Mandeville or New Orleans you’ll be in luck. They have fantastic food and super kind people. Just don’t bring your bikes into CVS and you’ll be fine!

Praying that your holidays were full of love and joy, memories with families and sweet surprises.




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