Hey Ya’ll!!


Whitney is the name and witty is the game. I am a spunky twenty something single gal deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas. I love the Lord and my framily (friends/family) with all that I am. Ummmm, what to say..what to say.

I am a passionate lover of all things floral and anything kitchen related. I may be single but you can bet that I can host a dinner party for twenty and be on point (thumps up emoji here if my keyboard would let me). I some times snort when I laugh, and let’s be honest if it is really funny I might pee, and crack jokes at the most inappropriate times but I am a proud carrier of joy and was taught not to ever look a gift horse in the mouth. Instead I thank Jesus everyday that I am privileged to see people laugh and enjoy themselves.

I have to give some shout outs to my Alma Mater, Christ for the Nations, and my current place of study, Liberty University. Who knows what is to come from an on fire Jesus lover that is really good at arguing.. but hey, no need to figure those plans out today.

Yeah, so this blog is basically a place where this single gal can share/ramble/encourage/strengthen and well…just be silly at times.

that’s all folks.