NOLA, Annual Trip Review

Every year the tradition is for us grandkids to hit the road to visit our grandparents for a few days. The month always changes but whenever the schedule allows my kid brother and I pack up the car and make the drive to New Orleans.

This year the schedule allowed for a post Christmas road trip and as tradition goes, we packed up the car, got a ton of caffeine in us and hit the pavement with pe

Firstly we passed this super high and scary bridge, no clue where it was because we all know we’ve become GPS dependent but my little brother caught this awesome shot so I just have to share it.


Once we finally got to the house the grandparents showed us their “new bikes”. New being used super freely being that the bikes were fished out of the dumpster. (retirement life I guess haha).


Needed some last minute stuff so we headed to CVS, yes we brought the bikes inside the store for safe keeping and let me tell ya… those CVS workers thought we were mad riding bikes, much less storing them by their makeup aisle! We also ran into a little crawdad and had to take touristy pictures even though we know the town like its our own. Continue reading