Hi my name is Whitney and I have an obsession.

An obsession with taking pictures of my feet.

Not only is it a real thing but its a super popular trend on social media. I was researching and found an article from 2010 explaining the trend. Haha I have to admit, honestly, ever since I got a camera phone I have snapped an embarrassing amount of pictures of my feet. Whether it be my cute shoes, the new pedicure or the cool lighting, the pictures were taken, saved and probably published on Instagram. I am one of those.

Did you know that the first recorded Instagram foot picture was posted in 2007? Yeah, me neither. Side note: the picture included only one foot in a ‘dad’ sandal paired with a little pup. hmmm weird.

But all that to say that this obsession has a new importance, far more interesting than displaying the cute shoes I was rocking or the coolness of my downward perspective.

The other night I was walking in my parents neighborhood…well country roads that are poorly paved and scary to walk on at times because cars drive like they are qualifying for Nascar. Anyways, the other night I was walking and there was a complete silence in everything around me, the only sound I heard was the soles of my Nikes as I walked on the paved road and in that still moment there was an immediate comfort and calming that ran through my soul.

It was different. But it was good.

It was the sound of movement, a constant movement.

A constant movement that I was in control of.

A constant moment paired with stillness and peace.

In this still and quiet moment, what was probably only 2 miliseconds, I so vividly remember the Lord showing me that He is my constant peace, my constant stillness and constant comfort even when I am constantly moving. As humans it is movement that allows for us to live our lives, it is movement that brings people together and new experiences to be enjoyed. It is movement in our commutes, the kid runs, the travels, the day to day errands, our life is constantly in movement.

Movement is the one term that I would use to define my current life situation.  I find myself in the largest transition I could have imagined at my age, even more than dropping out of school my freshman year and moving 18 hours away, and I sometimes worry that I will make the wrong decision or miss some direction God is speaking to me. But just as I heard the sound of my shoes on the pavement, against all other sounds that were fighting for my attention (the neighbors donkey, the kiddo running around half naked, the barking dogs, and the Nascar trainees) all I could focus on was the sound that my shoes made.

And in what I call the Great Life Transition of 2018, all I can focus on is my Father’s voice.

Its insane to think that His voice can truly be the anchor in your life. Everything else is so tiny compared to Him. Can you imagine a life where everything that burdens you can be drowned out and erased from your sight?

The power to experience this and life this way lies in us, our focus. God welcomes us to walk through life with Him and extends His grace for us to step into this way of life, but we have to make that decision.

The best way to explain is with actual items that worry you. For instance, finances. If your vision is so focused on your financial obligations or situations then those situations are going to look far grander than your God but if God is kept at the center of your vision, then you’ll understand that those financial situations are far smaller than the God you serve. It is all about perspective.

There’s a song called ‘You Know My Name’ and in the last couple of weeks I have literally lost my voice sining it. I just couldn’t stop singing the truthful and life bringing lyrics,  “and oh, how you comfort me, and oh, how you counsel me, yet it still amazes me that I am your friend”. My spirit was further ahead of my brain, I didn’t realize the impact that those lyrics had in my heart until this still moment with the Lord.

It is my prayer that wherever you are and whatever stage of life you are in, that you would know Father God as your friend. The one that brings counsel and comfort to your questions and your heart. John 15:15 says that we are no longer salves, but called friends of God. I don’t know about you but I treasure my friends. I serve them and love them to the best of my ability and I always want to make sure they are okay and comforted if something is trying to steal their peace. Think of your best friend, or your tribe of people, and see how vastly you love and serve them, then multiply it by 18,000 and know that God is so eager to cheer you on and cheer you up. He literally has sent His Holy Spirit from the heavens to inhabit you, teach you, counsel and comfort you.

Here are just a few of the shoe shots I have taken in the last six months.


Now instead of thinking how weird I am to think shoe shots are the cutest, I now look at them, take them and smile remembering that God spoke to me through my old pair of Nikes. 

Lovelies, in the same manner that the Lord quieted all my surroundings to remind me of the peace He brings in every aspect of my life, I ask that He silence all the noises that are trying to steal your focus away from Him and what He has to tell you. May we be a people that listen to Him more than we listen to the world.

You are loved-


NOLA, Annual Trip Review

Every year the tradition is for us grandkids to hit the road to visit our grandparents for a few days. The month always changes but whenever the schedule allows my kid brother and I pack up the car and make the drive to New Orleans.

This year the schedule allowed for a post Christmas road trip and as tradition goes, we packed up the car, got a ton of caffeine in us and hit the pavement with pe

Firstly we passed this super high and scary bridge, no clue where it was because we all know we’ve become GPS dependent but my little brother caught this awesome shot so I just have to share it.


Once we finally got to the house the grandparents showed us their “new bikes”. New being used super freely being that the bikes were fished out of the dumpster. (retirement life I guess haha).


Needed some last minute stuff so we headed to CVS, yes we brought the bikes inside the store for safe keeping and let me tell ya… those CVS workers thought we were mad riding bikes, much less storing them by their makeup aisle! We also ran into a little crawdad and had to take touristy pictures even though we know the town like its our own. Continue reading